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Food: Pear and camembert quiche - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Fri Dec. 13th, 2013

10:52 pm - Food: Pear and camembert quiche

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I know, I know, "Quiche? What kind of food is that for a monster to eat?" And even worse, it's vegetarian pear and camembert quiche that I fed the gamers on Monday, while the monsters were attempting to dine on adventurer.

Rub and knead 150 grams dark wheat flour, 150 grams fat-free curd cheese (trust me, you want fat-free) and 150 grams cold butter in thin slices into a dough. Form a ball and put it in the fridge. I used the hand mixer for the first step, when it formed crumbles, I continued by hand.

Peel and slice about 150 grams of white onions (if you don't have white, use what you have). Dice three medium-sized pears (400 to 500 grams) after removing the cores. Stew the onions in a pan with a tablespoon or so of water. Heat depends on how much you want them browned, I suggest not too much. When the onions come close to the desired colour, add the pears and stew on even-less-hot for about 3 to 5 minutes. Nothing should become mushy. If you have a spring of rosemary, chop the needles finely and add them after cooking, or put the whole spring in with the onions and remove it at the end.

Heat the over to 200°C.

Slightly beat three eggs, add about a glass (200 grams) of milk. Put a good amount of salt and pepper in.

Take the dough from the fridge and roll it so it will fit into a quiche or pie form and cover the walls, too. The dough can be quite sticky, use a baking parchment to roll it on, and to get it into the form.

Put about a tablespoon of fine breadcrumbs on the bottom, then add the pears and onions, then the eggs. Slice about 75 grams of camembert thinly and put on top, finally dot with a few blobs of cowberry jam.

Bake for 40 minutes.</a>

This filled a 30 centimetre form, and feeds four to five. The bottom turned out a lot like puff pastry, with crumbly layers. Very nice.


In general, last week was just damn exhausting. I was at work four days, and every day there was some major issue with our machines that I had to get solved. One colleague was sick and no one was there to pick up his tasks. On Tuesday, I was away on comp time because I got furniture delivered (again). That went quite well, and reasonably quick, and I managed to go into town for some shopping on the afternoon, and got me new winter boots.

But I'm very, very tired now, and my shoulder is hurting like mad from too much time at the computer and not going to the gym. One week left to go.

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