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Food: Braised Pork with Squash and Curry spices - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Jan. 21st, 2014

09:32 am - Food: Braised Pork with Squash and Curry spices

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Gaming yesterday, and eating well.

Braised Pork with Squash and Curry spices

You need time for this -- best prepare it the day before serving. It takes about 2 hours on the first day, and then 30 to 45 minutes to re-heat on the second. Also, you need a large roasting tin. Mine has about nine litres capacity, I think seven might have done. The recipe feeds 8 people, or 7, if they are determined not to leave leftovers.

Dice 1.5 kg of pork shoulder with no bones, or another slightly marbled piece. Grate a good tablespoon of ginger and crush 4-6 cloves of garlic. Heat the oven to 160 to 180°C.

Cover the bottom of the roasting tin with oil and heat it on the plate. When hot, sear the pork (you might have to do this in two or three parts).

Lower temperature to medium high, take out the pork and sauté the ginger and garlic. Add a good tablespoon of tomato concentrate and sugar each, and let it caramelize a little, add a heaped tablespoon of curry powder (I used a very mild one), stir well, then deglaze with half a cup of half-water, half-soy sauce. Add about 0.75 litres of water, one vegetable stock cube (for 0.5 litres), a cinnamon stick and 3 pieces of star anise, put the meat back in and bring to boil.

Cover the tin and put it in the oven.

Peel three or four onions (red ones, if you have them), and quarter them lengthwise. Clean and roughly dice enough squash to match the weight of the meat. (I used two medium small Hokkaido squash.)

After the meat has been in the oven for about 75 minutes, add the squash and the onions. Stir, cover again, put back in the oven for another 30 to 45 minutes.

If you plan to serve it right out of the oven, give it 45 at least. If too runny after half of that time, dissolve a tablespoon of starch in water, stir it in, and give it 20 minutes or so at 220°C -- it should boil. You can serve it with spring onion rings, or roasted onions for looks, or some Thai basil leaves.

If you plan to serve it the next day, take it out after 30 minutes. Next day, add water if needed. Put it in the oven cold and covered, set oven to 220°C, it takes about 30 minutes (but check before serving!). You might want to uncover it for the last 10 minutes, to roast the top a little.

Serve with oven-heated flat bread, or rice. With enough rice, this can feed up to 12.

If you have a little more time and do not mind a little more work, you might try to braise the meat on the bone and cut it up only when it's done, then add the veggies.

In other news, I have applied for vacation in August, and if I get it I will be at LonCon3 with K___ and two of her friends. Don't know yet if I'll take the car with the others, or fly, or go by train. Anyway, need my vacation OK'd first.

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