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Food: Black-and-White-Cake with Peaches - The Lyorn's Den

Tue Mar. 25th, 2014

07:42 pm - Food: Black-and-White-Cake with Peaches

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Usually I would not have tried a dough that heavy with fruit, but I was curious.

Black-and-White-Cake with Peaches

Did I mention the organic free range eggs? And the four different kinds of flour left over from Christmas baking? The pack of butter left over from my birthday? Small amounts of three different kinds of sugar? And, um, a can of peaches that could have gone into the curd cheese casserole but didn't?

Time to declutter the food cupboard!

Take three eggs and weigh them. Measure out the same weight in butter, sugar and flour.

I ended up with
- flour: fine spelt flour (type 630), mixed with one tablespoon of potato starch, one teaspoon of baking powder and one teaspoon of baking soda.
- sugar: 2/3 white caster sugar, about a tablespoon brown cane sugar, the rest muscovado
- half salted, half unsalted butter.

I also found a sachet of vanilla essence (which was either low quality or slightly off), some rum, a near-empty bag of dark cocoa, and no lemon peel at all.

I beat the room temperature butter with the sugar and then stirred in the eggs one by one. For a dough with less fat, it is important that the mass becomes reasonably smooth, because it helps lift the cake -- in this case, it didn't really matter, which was good, as it stayed blotchy with little drops of butter floating around. Never mind, I mixed in a good amount of rum and the sachet of vanilla essence. Finally stirred in flour, starch and baking powder with a kitchen spoon.

A 26 cm (10 inch) round springform waited in the fridge, buttered and dusted with flour. (I am reasonably sure that this was not exactly necessary, but, force of habit.) I poured half of the dough in the form. It was a very thin layer. Then I mixed the rest of the dough with the cocoa powder and spread the kind-of-dark dough on top of the kind-of-beige one.

Finally drained the can of peaches and put seven peach halves in a ring on the dough, the final one in the middle, and got the whole thing in the oven, second rung from the bottom, on about 180°C and "convection" setting.

After 45 minutes it was hard to say if it was done, but it felt like it should. The dough had risen to nearly cover the peach halves, and was a nice dark caramel colour.

So I took it out and got it from the form once I could touch it.

I heated a good tablespoon or apricot jam and a tablespoon of the syrup from the peaches in the microwave (15 seconds on medium low), stirred it smooth and spread it one the cake. Sliced almonds or hazelnuts would have been nice as a topping, but I did not have any.

Cakes of this type need rest, so I had baked it on Saturday, and we ate it on Monday. It was damp and heavy and very nice, although I still think the vanilla essence was off.


Possible variations in the recipe would be:

Use light or dark wheat flour. Use whole grain wheat or spelt flour. Not sure about rye! Maybe oats instead of starch?

Use caster sugar only.

Use different fruit. Apricots, or Cherries, or Pears would be fine. Maybe even berries.

Use Espresso powder instead of cocoa.
Kirsch instead of rum.

Leave out the butter for a light, fluffy batter: Beat sugar and eggs until very foamy, then stir in flour. However, this would probably have the peaches come out at the bottom! Maybe a layer of pie crust at the bottom, or, slice the peaches and put them on the bottom, pour the dough on, and turn the cake over after baking.

Nuts. Nuts are always good.

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