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Food: The Banana-something - The Lyorn's Den

Wed Apr. 2nd, 2014

09:54 am - Food: The Banana-something

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I knew this was experimental: (found here). I was still surprised, though. Mostly because I had a very hard time finding out what the heck it was. Bread? Cake? Pudding? Flan? Anyway, it had five medium-sized bananas, half a jar (130 grams) of hazelnut paste(that stuff is expensive, but great!), 60 grams of butter (melted), and four eggs in it. I had the food processor stir it until only a little bit lumpy, then added 25 grams ground almonds, 50 grams ground hazelnuts, a teaspoon each of baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and vanilla sugar each, and a little bit of salt.

Poured it in a buttered cake form, licked out the bowl (good!) and baked it for 55 minutes on 180°C.

It did not come out of the form, which was a first what that form. I scraped the soft, sticky stuff from the bottom of the form with a silicone spatula and slapped it on top of the loaf, where it stuck, fortunately.

Let it cool (it deflated) and rest for a day.

Some of the folks in my gaming group loved it to bits. Some were very much "meh". I liked the base tastes, but is was very cold, heavy and slimy, like scrambled eggs gone cold. No heat at all in it. I felt that two tablespoons of flour and one of brown sugar (or a good dash of maple syrup) would have done the thing a world of good.

And then I put the last two slices in the microwave and found: It had been a fancy omelette! Hot, and sprinkled with maple syrup is was brilliant!

I guess it would also make very fine pancakes. I have bought some bananas again...

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