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Food and sleep - The Lyorn's Den

Sat Apr. 12th, 2014

10:02 pm - Food and sleep

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I could have gone to a barbecue to celebrate G___'s birthday today, but I opted for some R&R instead.

And a good thing I did. After coming home from the weekly grocery shopping, I was so tired that I went back to bed -- I had not slept well the night, the same nightmare woke me twice.

I can do lucid dreaming, kind of, I half wake, change the settings of the game, and go back to the dream with easier settings or a more powerful avatar. Usually it works. Sometimes it does not because the world or the antagonists manage to keep up.

This is what happened last night, which explains why I was so brain-tired.

And then I had nightmares again this afternoon. This is annoying.

But the day was not entirely without its ups, and in the good tradition of the last, what, year? more? saved the day: Food! Specifically, rump steak with cognac-orange-cream sauce.

When I had decided to skip the barbecue, I had bought a small steak to provide company to the red cabbage and potatoes for dinner. I put salt and pepper on the steak, fried it on medium high (my induction stove is too powerful to fry anything on the highest setting for more than 30 seconds) until it came off the bottom of the pan, then for a very short time on the other side.

Put it in the oven to keep warm, de-glazed with cognac and let it cook until most of the fluid had evaporated, added a bit of water and a teaspoon of orange marmalade, and then a dash of cream as well as salt and black pepper. Kept it cooking on medium until it thickened, then took if off the heat and stirred in a small flake of cold butter.

Just perfect.

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