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Food: Oven veggies and peaches - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Aug. 5th, 2014

12:21 am - Food: Oven veggies and peaches

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We didn't play today, because one player is on vacation, another has three tests to take tomorrow, and the one characters has been turned into a fox: This left the party with one fighter, not enough to continue with the adventure.

Instead, we had dinner, and the idea to play some broad games, but we got lost in talking.

Oven veggies and peaches

For four, I cut two white onions in eights, halved six small tomatos, cut a mediums-sized zucchino into thick slices, and three nectarines (should have been peaches but they were sold out) into eights. Threw everything into a large bowl, added a jar of drained chickpeas, and spices: about a teaspoon of ground piement, some cumin, salt and pepper, and mixed it. Poured it into a casserole dish, crumbled goat cheese over it, and drew a few lines in the whole with olive oil and honey. Baked it at 200°C for about half an hour, served it with flat bread.

Not bad, but leaves room for experiment.

Some ideas: Pre-cook the onions in the microwave for a few minutes. Leave out the zuccino. Maybe blend the chickpeas with some oil and some of the spices? Close the casserole dish for the first 20 to 25 minutes of baking, then brown the top. Add basil before serving. Put some thin slices of bacon on top.

In other news, I got Secunda from the repair shop today.

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