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Autumn - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Wed Aug. 6th, 2014

09:40 am - Autumn

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It's the middle of the dog days, yet, thanks to daylight saving time, the bright part of the year is over. When I get up, the sun is not yet in the sky, and I bicycle through thick, cold mist and arrive at work with my wool clothes covered in silver grey water drops.

Of course, going home, it is still hotter than a nice autumn afternoon should be, and my bicycle is loaded with clothes that are suited only for the cold unholy hours of early morning.

Well, spending a little time in town after work, to window-shop and eat ice cream, is no fun when you are dragging around your winter gear: So at least DST saves me some money for what it costs me in daylight.

Did I mention I hate it? (Don't answer that.)

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