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Music, and weather - The Lyorn's Den

Sat Jul. 25th, 2015

11:42 pm - Music, and weather

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Yesterday we were singing at a small village choir meeting. Nice. Despite all my recent (kind of) hang-ups about, well, everything, including (of course) music, singing was fun. When I'm on stage, the hang-ups have to take the back seat.

The day was hot, though not as hot as the days (weeks) before. After the singing was done, Gwydion, Ceridwen and I drove home and emptied a bottle of wine. I fell into bed around eleven and slept for nine hours. Cannot remember when I last had so much sleep.

For today, the weather forecast promised a mistral-like wind, and we actually got it. The wind was noticable but not strong when I went to the pool at half past nine, it nearly blew my hat off at twelve, and it was banging doors and windows, howling around the balconies, tossing empty trash cans around and ripping twigs off the trees at three, while the temprature dropped further and further, and the cloudy sky became the darkest, clearest daylight blue. Really remarkable weather, and I loved it. At sunset, it was 18°C. Yesterday at the same time it was 31.

Tomorrow we will be singing at a big choir meeting in a small town. I haven't decided yet what I am going to wear.

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