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Music, and weather, again - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Mon Jul. 27th, 2015

11:10 pm - Music, and weather, again

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And then, yesterday, we were at that big choir meeting in the small town.

A very cute little town, and Ceridwen and I, when checking out the places where performances would be held (while on the market square some functionary held a very long speech), decided to go there some time in autumn, and stay overnight, because one of the main attraction is wineries.

The morning was nice and cool, I couldn't decide on what to wear and settled on black jeans and a white T-Shirt, and brought a shirt more suitable for the stage, as well as a dress, and a second pair of shoes, just in case. Which was stupid, because it meant that I did not know what to wear for our performance until a minute before it and had to change on the street. But that was later.

We took a bus, which fit the whole choir and some husbands, boyfriends, and parents, and had enough space on the front for everyone worrying about travel sickness.

At these events, every choir has about 15 to 20 minutes for their performance, then the audience has to run off to the next site where they hope to hear something they like. In a very small town, this works a lot better than in, say, Frankfurt, where you are better off to find the most promising site early and stay there.

I wasn't too impressed with the first and third choir I listened to -- actually, I was beginning to fret, "they are all singing out of tune, I bet we are singing out of tune, too, ahhh, this is horrible!" and Ceridwen had to take the straight man role to my diva again and calm me down.

Second was good, but we knew that. Fourth was a mixed choir singing contemporary sacred pieces, that one was very good. Their final piece, an "Exultate" by Karl Jenkins had us agree that the bassos must have hated it and the sopranos loved it to bits.

Then it was time for us to sing. We were on a nice little backyard -- unfortunately, the half of it where we were singing caught the full strength of the afternoon sun and held it between high walls, which also kept out the cool breeze. The audience got the places in the shade, with the cool stones at their backs, which was probably better than doing it the other way around -- we would not have had an audience if they had to stand in the sun!

We did not let ourselves get caught in forgetting our cues, lyrics, choreography, or anything else, and (mostly) did not sing out of tune. Well, I did, because the descant I was singing solo over two altos in one piece had to be so soft that I really could not make out if I was on the fourth or on the fifth. Which annoyed me a lot (lots of things do, and it's getting worse, I feel), because the sound is as different as red and blue, and it felt as if I was expected to determine colour blindfolded.

We had one set with the choir, one with the ensemble (which is only 10 singers), and I was in both, so I stood in the sun for close to a full hour, got sunburned badly, and couldn't stop worrying that the tickling I felt on my back was not sweat, but a lost wasp trying to find a way out. (It wasn't).

But we were good, and when I'm on stage, I can be cool about anything. Even sun, imaginary wasps, and misplaced fifths.

After that, I was exhausted, and Ceridwen and I fled to the bus station where we could sit in the shade for half an hour, until our bus was supposed to leave. (It took longer.)

On the way back, the autobahn was closed because of a burning car, so getting home also took longer than expected. The night, however, was nice and cool again, and I slept well.

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