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Food: Something quick for a summer party - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Thu Jul. 30th, 2015

09:38 am - Food: Something quick for a summer party

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Yesterday was my choir's end-of-year party, with school holidays starting and our practice room being unavailable until mid-September and everything. It's a potluck, and this year I found that I had two hours between leaving work and arriving at the party, which, considering that about 1 hour of those two will be spent driving, is not a lot of time. (Yes, I know, and I regularly read that other women need 20 minutes to cook dinner, and 3 minutes to get ready in the morning -- let's say, I don't. I need 10 minutes just to cook an egg.)

So, I took liberties with the idea of a tiramisu: Strawberry curd cheese cream on cookies

Got a bag of cantuccini, two boxes of frozen strawberries (300g each), 2 pots of no-fat curd cheese (500g each), and 1 pot of cream (200 ml).

Put the contents of one box of strawberries in the microwave to thaw, with a splash of Amaretto. After thawing, added the grated peel of a small lemon and a tablespoon or two of sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, and a good pinch of salt, and blended it into a smooth pulp.

Then put it in a large bowl with the curd cheese, about half or a bit more of the cream, a teaspoon of instant starch ("Sahnesteif"), and used the hand mixer to first mix it carefully and then beat it on high for a half a minute or so to make it more fluffy.

Took a 2-litre glass oven dish, broke up enough cantuccini to cover the bottom, and then poured the fruit curd on it. Opened the second pack of strawberries, picked out some pretty ones, halved them and used them for decoration, together with some leftover chopped pistachios.

Made like this, the fruit cream is not very sweet (the cantuccini contrast that nicely), and for something that's more dessert-like, people might prefer to use half-fat curd cheese, or double cream instead of normal. For a fresher taste, replace the cream with creme fraiche, or high-fat sour cream ("Schmand"). For less dessert-like, use whole-grain oatmeal cookies.

ETA: Of course, the day after (that being yesterday) the leftovers were even better...</eta>

Party was nice. The recordings from our singing on Sunday had the wind roaring like a freight train, but as far as we could discern, were did not sing out of tune, even though we did have a lot of fuzzy entries. I could not hear myself singing, which surprised me: My pronunciation is so bad that I usually recognize it on the first line.

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