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Follow-up - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Wed Sep. 30th, 2015

04:18 pm - Follow-up

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We saw the lunar eclipse. I went to bed around midnight on Sunday, got up at 2:45, got dressed (not warm enough, it turned out, but my sense of temperature was all over the place at that time of night), and walked down to Ceridwen's place. It was 3:30 before we and all our gear was packed into Snow's car, which we had borrowed for the occasion (mine being to small and Ceridwen's still being in the repair shop), and set out to a nearby hill.

The good thing was that there was a parking space right off the road, and it was not a long drive for us. The bad thing was that there was a parking space right off the road, and it was not a long drive for anyone else, either. It was crowded with cars, lots of coming an going, and lots of headlights cutting through the darkness.

In the beginning we had cloud cover, but it moved away. The moon was mostly red, but a tiny sliver at seven o'clock was far brighter than the rest and washed out the colour by contrast. Still, it was worth it, and although we were close to the town, there were so many stars that I had trouble making out the constellations.

We drove back around a quarter to five, I was in bed at half past, and at 8:15 I was up again, because flederkatz's cat had to be taken to the vet.

She (the cat) had lost another 200 grams which she could not afford to lose. She got more injections -- pain meds, anti-inflammation drugs, electrolytes -- and looked mildly unhappy, but resigned. We drove home, very worried that she might not live the day. Flederkatz went to work, and I had breakfast and went to sleep again until my mother called at 1 p.m.

Tuesday, I bicycled into town. There was a fresh wind, that seemed to belong to a place much closer to the sea, and when I arrived, I had stripped down to a tank top and gathered strange looks from people in outdoor jackets. I looked at laptops, and bought chocolate and the latest Usagi Yojimbo book.

Today (Wednesday) morning, flederkatz's cat was put to sleep. She was down to 2.5 kilos, had not eaten in four days, and had trouble breathing. But she still enjoyed the car ride -- flederkatz said, "Had I known how much she likes this, we could have taken her on a tour more often". She was 13 years old.

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