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Again, links (what did you expect?) - The Lyorn's Den

Wed Jul. 27th, 2005

12:52 pm - Again, links (what did you expect?)

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Mostly Harry Potter and general weirdness.

Harry Potter Note: I don't consider anything directly behind the cut as spoilery, but if you would consider the words "Slytherin's Monster" a spoiler for CoS, you might not want to go there.


All the links contain big fat Spoilers!

Interesting discussion re: Snape, Horcruxes and the thing in the cave. I'm not convinced, but I still liked it.

The Spoiler Image Gallery. Funny.

Of course, the fangirls are getting insane over, well everything. Like the destruction of their favorite ships. So, of course, there's a filk. (The discussion is not that interesting.)

And for all those fan fiction writers finding the immolated carcasses of their pre-HBP plot bunnies: Some ideas how to deal with that.


At olihin_xe are links lists for writers wishing to resarch mental illnesses: Part 1, Part 2.


The War on Terror, as seen from the Bourne Shell. If you don't speak UNIX, this will make no sense at all. If you do, this is ROTFLMAO-stuff.


No tests this time, but maybe you always wondered if you boss was quite sane? Find out here!

The BBC took a poll on who was the greatest philosopher ever. The results might surprise you.

If you like your soap opera on the internet: The Strange Case of the Nanny, the Blog and the Housewife. Discussed (including link to the original texts) here, here and everywhere...

Can't have countertenors in Texas!. The Church of the Mouse and the Disco Ball feels oppressed and suspects a plot against the re-incarnation of the Bee Gees. The discussion brings up some aspects under which the original nearly makes sense.

You're not allowed to skip TV Commercials in Japan... (Link in German)

How much money movies are making: boxofficemojo.com

On Godwin's Law, and Godwinoids in fandom.

Death of a Spammer


By popular demand, some links on logical fallacies: This one is well-organized and useful for reference, while this is older, rambles a little, uses lots of detailed examples and is more fun to read.


"People who talk about real writers are really insecure writers. The only fake writers are people who say they've written and haven't."
--- Will Shetterley in his blog, July 20th

"Zombies, after all, don't eat people in order to find the perfect recipe for sauteed spleen, or to conquer the world; they eat because they're mindless ravenous drones."
--- Jesse at pandagon, July 17th

"If you want to look like a Playboy model, try Photoshop."
--- Amanda at pandagon, paraphrased, July 14th


Title: Artificial Devotion
Fandom: Galaxy Quest
Author: Katie M.
Length: 1600 words
Why read it? Because you always wanted to know why Tawny Madison (Sigourney Weaver's character) always has to repeat everything to the computer.
Why not read it? Not in the fandom.