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My day - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Mar. 13th, 2016

09:41 pm - My day

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If I do not forgive myself all the postings I did not make in the last four months, I will probably never post anything again, so, forgiven. Kind of.

I woke with a slight hangover (well-earned), fed the cats, aired the place, and went back to sleep. Got up at half past nine, had breakfast and read fanfic at the computer. Hangover got better. Gwydion showed up and helped my carry some leftover things from the party two weeks ago down to the cellar, and a bag each of garden earth and of cat litter up from my car. We had some tea and talked some and I was whinging again about the choir. The cats were cute and then barfed on the carpet in the hall again.

The sun came round to my balcony and I spent two hours or so changing it from winter (jumble of herbs, mostly dead, dead chrysanthemus and life moss, fir boughs, some weeds below the apple tree, general wind-blown chaos of pots and cat blankets and stuff) to spring (primroses, tufted pansies, the rosemary bush got its own pot, the rose got a larger one, the hard-working little apple tree got the weeds growing in its pot removed and the pot filled up with new earth and a good amount of organic fertilizer). Then I tidied up everything, swept the floor, and got the trash to the organic recycling bin. I am very happy with how it looks.

There are things going on today that I am a great lot less happy about, but I seem to have exhausted my store of fucks to give.

When it got dark, I made pickeled cucumber soup and ate the whole batch, and then drank two pints of water because pickled cucumber soup makes me thirsty.

And now I'll read some more fanfic on the internet and try not to think of tomorrow.

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