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What I've been up to: Travelling a lot, and other things - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Jun. 19th, 2016

04:05 pm - What I've been up to: Travelling a lot, and other things

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Though I cannot blame "not writing" on "travelling"... but just a few notes here, for me to keep track of my life.

Currently I'm on holiday, but at home. Trying to do something about my to-do list, because I barely managed to keep up with the necessities so far.

May 6th to 9th we had a choir weekend in the Bayerische Musikakademie in Alteglofsheim. I did not get lost in the building this time!

May 10th to May 15th I was home because of a family emergency. I did not really plan that. Fortunately, I got time off work on very short (4 workdays) notice.

May 26th to May 29th we were at the choir festival in Stuttgart. It was OK. Hot. Some thunderstorms. A bunch of good and a few very good choirs, but nothing that knocked off my socks. (Maybe the Swingles. But they were kind of in a class of their own.)

Jun 7th to Jun 14 I took the Hurtigruten Boat trip from Kirkenes to Bergen, and got more sun in 7 days than in most of the year so far. Midnight sun helped. Also, hardly any rain, while at home the streets flooded. I had planned to go hiking in the Bavarian Forest, but it was somewhere between "too damn wet" and "potential natural disaster area", with thunderstorms occurring here and there over Southern Germany, and just not going away until they had dumped half a year's worth of rain on one village. So Jun 3rd I got the newsletter with special offers for single travellers from Hurtigruten, Jun 4th I went to the travel agents and booked, Jun 6th I got the paperwork, Jun 7th at 10 a.m. I was on the plane, and 11 hours later I was at 70something degrees North in Kirkenes. Brilliant.

When travelling back, I had to spend the night in Frankfurt, because the plane, even if it had been on time, would have arrived too late to catch the last train home. I had considered sleeping at the airport, but I'm getting too old and well-off for this crap, so I booked a hotel room, which turned out to be a good idea. I would have been home at 12:30 noon on the 14th after a good night's sleep and a good breakfast, but I found a lost wallet in the local train and so went to the main station to hand it in to the lost property office, which cost me about an hour, all in all. If I had not been well-rested due to the hotel stay, I don't know if I would have done that. But then, I would not have been on that particular train. Anyway, yesterday I got a very nice thank-you card and a reward, which I spent on inviting flederkatz to lunch.

I read Naomi Novik's "Uprooted" (nice, liked it), Perceval Everett's "God's Country" (good, hated it), Catherine Asaro's "Carnelians" (OTT, but fun), and half of Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow" (very interesting, but I argued a lot with it in the margins).

Other than travelling, we played our on-going SF campaign on May 22nd, and I really lost patience with the whole situation, because I have the character who is very culturally adapt and a smooth talker, but lazy (because I am not good at being on the front line in social situation, so my characters tend to be competent but have to be asked and given free rein), and let's say, the group did not really get anywhere in a particularly difficult negotiation with a bunch of morons who flew a moving disaster area of a cobbled-together spaceship *and* had kidnapped a bunch of high-PSI-kids. Well, my character got to lose patience with the situation, too, and planned a commando raid, which worked beautifully.

I had felt too stressed for serious cooking, so I just made flat bread pizza. No one complained.

We had a few performances with the choir - Stuttgart, of course, also singing in a small church on May 9th (right after the practise weekend). I missed one performance because of the family emergency, and two more because I cancelled *everything* for my vacation. Singing lessons, role playing games, choir practise, gigs, everything. I just can't keep going as usual. The Friday before the choir festival, I resorted to shopping therapy, which I usually don't do at all, but I felt a very desperate need for *anything* shiny.

Sunday Jun 5th I held a Kaffeeklatsch and made a rhubarb streusel cake (yeast dough at the bottom, then a layer of ground roasted hazelnuts, brown sugar and breadcrumbs, then rhubarb, then streusel), and strawberry cheese cake with a chocolate cookie crumble bottom. And it was good.

I'm feeling kind of OK now. As long as I do not think about having to go back to work in a week's time. Maybe I'll write something more about the Norway vacation. But, knowing myself, most likely not.

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