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Miracles happen - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Jun. 21st, 2016

09:35 pm - Miracles happen

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For nearly a decade I have had "get paperwork with retirement office in order" on my to-do list. (I'm not that old, but one has to keep up with it.) They need a bunch of stuff about school and uni and vocational training, and a scary heap of paperwork filled out. I got to the "heap of paperwork" twice and both times froze like a rabbit before a snake and was unable to comprehend a single sentence. Same as with the tax paperwork. I read a sentence, I haven't the foggiest what they mean, I can imagine at least seven possible meanings, each perpendicular to each other, and my brain shuts down.

These days, I'm having my taxes done. So, I thought, the obvious solution for the retirement office paperwork was to have it done, too. So I went to the city's office for retirement office stuff (you can imagine that there's a handy term for it in German), and they gave me a list of documentation to bring.

10 minutes ago I stood in my library (where I keep all the docu), a slightly panicked look on my face. Now I have the complete docu before me.

I might be hopeless at bureaucratese, but I rule at archiving. :->

So tomorrow I can finally start with the next step in getting this particular annoying thing done.

And, talking about solutions: I have finally got around to asking a trainer at the gym what I'm doing wrong -- I can't get the bar in position for a front squat or overhead press without strangling myself, and I cannot do a single push-up even after 5 years of working on it: My right shoulder just crumbles away under me.

Turns out, I have this very nice balancing-a-book-on-my-head posture. Activated core muscles, shoulders straight, shoulder blades drawn together a bit, head straight. And the trick, in both cases, is to put your shoulders forward. To hold the bar, or to stop myself from sagging and ending up with a shoulder position that does not allow for power transmission from my upper body muscles to the floor.

In less exiting news, to solve the on-going cat crisis, I have bought two more litter boxes. Hope it helps, because now I will have to swipe up three times as many litter particles. Would three miracles in a day be too much to ask, or do I get a discount?

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