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What I did (and didn't) do during my holidays - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Jun. 26th, 2016

09:46 pm - What I did (and didn't) do during my holidays

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* Take a kind of cruise along the Norwegian Coast
* Hold a kaffeeklatsch
* Practise the piano
* Do my paperwork for the retirement office and sent it in
* Read about 5-7 books
* Cook squid for the first time and took picures of it
* Went to a boulder hall again
* Found out what is wrong with my front squats and attempts at push-ups
* Re-gained the ability to do backstroke. I can now manage 50 metres without getting cramps or attempting to breathe water
* Sorted through 628 holiday pictures
* Tidied up 6 drawers
* Went through my wardrobe and gave what I no longer want to wear to charity
* Spent a very nice day with flederkatz (cooking squid, looking at holiday picutres, and other things)
* Invited my cat minders for dinner
* Remove the dead plants from the balcony
* Got a new telephone
* Cuddle the cats a lot
* Got new litter boxes
* Spend too much time on the internet :(


* Get my hair cut
* Go to the dentist
* Tidy up my bookshelves
* Give away the old stuff in the cellar
* Practise the guitar
* Prepare the next role playing game
* Tidy up the kitchen cupboards
* Go weightlifting regulary
* Visit my father
* Go hiking
* Get reimbursement for last years vaccination from my health insurer
* Get Serious Cat Jerome to keep calm when noise happens
* Create the cooking blog that Ceridwen, flederkatz and I are talking about
* Finish a story
* Manage to not get panicky about work

Not too bad, all in all. Now, if I had three more weeks of vacation, I'd be perfectly happy. As I don't and have to go to work tomorrow, I am already as scared and angry as Serious Cat Jerome when noisy people are outside. I'm not going to hiss or spit, though. I think. Just keep my hackles raised.

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