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2016 hates me

OK, so 2016 hates everyone, but Saturday it felt that it had to let me know that it is not below getting personal.

In other words, ouch.

After a freezing cold week followed by some miserable grey days, Saturday was beautiful, mild and sunny. I wanted to go to the city for Christmas shopping (needed a few things I could not get locally, like ground sandalwood for spiced cookies, and some craft lebkuchen), and as the urban railway is a mess (don't get me started) and going to the city by car on an advent Sunday is insanity, I got out my bicycle.

And found that my tyre inflator was broken. So I drove over to K__ and F__ to borrow theirs, and we put the tyres on high pressure, because it's faster going.

So, got into the city just fine, had to drive on a road in bad repair with no bicycle path, where a streetcar used to run. Nothing out of the ordinary... if the tarmac hadn't broken and set along the unused streetcar rail, and the rail was sticking out, a few centimetres of sleek, polished, vertical steel. Which I, being preoccupied with keeping an eye on traffic and hitting the right angle to cross the slippery (but expected to be flat!) rail didn't notice until my front wheel got creative, the back wheel attempted to continue as planned, and the whole thing, me included, hit the tarmac in a great demonstration that energy cannot be destroyed, just transformed. In this case from kinetic to deformation energy.

Could have been worse (as usual). Bicycle was fine, trousers were fine (a bit dirty, but who will notice on black jeans?), no blood, everything in working condition, only my left knee started to turn very interesting colours, and a slight bruise on my chin. (Two days later I noted a bunch of strained muscles in my left arm and shoulder, but nothing too bad.)

I decided to take another route, overtook about 50 cars waiting for a free parking space, locked my bike to a lamppost with some difficulties and decided that I was in need of coffee.

Did my shopping, had a late lunch, bought still more shoes (as I managed to tore the ligaments in my ankle in August, I can't wear anything with heels this year), avoided the crowds as good as I could, came home in the dark, and found not only the expected interesting colours, but that the bruise was already busy spreading south.

I must be getting old. I do bruise easily (always have) but I do not remember bruises spreading that much. At least it is not painful if left alone, I have full range of motion, full stability, and I expect it to be fine some time in January. But I have sworn off any attempts at sports (except walking) until New Year's Day. No use tempting fate.

This year, I will throw a New Year's Eve party, and get some very loud fireworks to scare the evil spirits away. I feel that it's needed.

Sunday, Ceridwen, Gwydion, R___ and I were having our yearly cookie bake-a-thon at R___'s place. J__, a friend of Ceridwen's, had come, to, and we were talking so much that now have more burned cookies than usual. But we still have a lot of very fine and perfectly edible cookies. My mood could have been better, though. I have become so cranky and volatile that I'm scaring myself. And really, WTF is going on in my head when I'm getting a tantrum over some shortcrust breaking? Priorites much?

Oh well. Blame it on 2016, too.

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