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Things going thunk

2016 really hates me.

I was driving home in soft sleet that ate up all light and gave nothing back, through the suburbs at 8 p.m. after a very pleasant advent tea-cookies-and-a-movie get-together at N___'s place.

A bus stopped before me. So did I. The car behind me, a large one by the height of the lights, was a little too close for comfort, but nothing to be done about it. Bus started driving. I followed and noted pretty late that the bus has crossed a traffic light which was right before me now and showed yellow. I braked with a little force and brought the car to a stop a foot or so before the stop line.

The guy behind me didn't. I had time to think "uh-oh", before I heard the breaks of the other car engaging too late, and than it rear-ended me and shoved me three feet forward. Fortunately, there were not pedestrians crossing in front of me.

Mellowed by lots of cookies I though, "Oh, damn", activated the warning lights, turned off the engine, and got out. A young woman on the sidewalk said that she had seen it all and would testify if needed.

The other car was a big silver SUV, about twice the weight of my car. My number plate was dented, that was all the visible damage. As we were all fine and there we nothing dangerous on the street, we agreed not to call the police, but exchanged addresses and went our separate ways before we were all soaking wet.

I got home fine, scrounged a cup of tea off Ceridwen and then set to call silver SUV guy's insurance, which was calm and helpful. As I was standing at a red traffic light when that car rear-ended me, I expect no trouble out of it, but I have to go to the garage tomorrow and have the damage evaluated.

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