October 28th, 2005

eliphas, napping

October links, recs, and some whining.

Without further ado: Links.

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In other news, I feel like a ghost in the Winchester House. One day the stairwell's gone, next day the entrance door. And the sound of the pneumatic hammers never stops. I'd love to move my haunts to some quiet ruined castle on some misty moors, or to a hotel room, but my cats, while in a permanent state of panic due to the noise, would panic even more if I tried to get them away from the sofa where they can hide under. I wish for a snowstorm, so the work will have to stop. I know that it's not very wise to wish for a long lasting snow storm when you live in a house that currently lacks a roof, a front door and half a wall, but getting woken up by pneumatic hammers every day before sunrise makes me very, very grumpy. Yesterday, there was no running water (again), the windows are blind with dirt, the cats are neurotic, and I want my money back.