January 19th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Nothing better to post, so: Links

Storm pictures. Text in German.

The difficulties of shipping empty boxes. Really cool boxes, BTW.

Computer security: Adware, spyware, and how to end up with porn by accident
And why you do not want this to happen. Also on Boing Boing, with some more links.

More computer security: Choosing secure passwords. Interesting info on how brute force attacks work and how to hide from them.

Fandom and strangeness: seawasp on Middle-earth, Santa Claus and The symmetry of corruption. On crack.

Fandom and silliness (ROTFL): kate_nepveu on mapping Star Wars to Drageara

Old news: Paul Campos on weight, health, and who gains from dieting: here (Note: The link seems to work only if the stars are right. On some days you might want to use bugmenot.com to get in.)

Meta-Link: A link list to writing advice