February 1st, 2007

eliphas, napping

From the department of "argh!"

Gemeingefährliche Pappkameraden in Boston! (Linked post is in English).

slammerkinbabe is amazed at the technology gap (via metaquotes)

ETA: The local (Bay Area) newspaper re-printed mostly from a Boston paper, but ran a short note of their own, where the writer wondered how Bostonians, who routinely run red lights or drive on sidewalks could be that easy to scare, and conluded that it must be some local history trauma of having their town besieged, once upon a time, by armed Redcoats (instead of stoned hippies).
eliphas, napping

More "argh!"

I found one of the Gremlins haunting my computer. It's a busy little security agent that occasionally ambushes Perl. After doing so (and proudly proclaiming it in the lower right corner of the screen!) it returns to its cave to digest, and lets a couple of Perl calls pass unmolested. Until next time...
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