February 4th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Big ship!

Saturday I didn't manage to get out of bed before noon (again), so I went for the traditional pastime of hanging out in bookstores. No coffee this time, though, because there was a long line in front of the coffee counter, and no free table.

I was a little angry about my overall laziness, and refraind from making plans for Sunday.

Which was probably the reason why I jumped out of bed on Sunday not early, but bright-eyed, chirpy and ready for adventure. The local newspaper had announced that on February 4th the Queen Mary 2, largest ocean liner in the world (there are larger cruise ships, because cruise ships need not be built to withstand everything that might happen in the North Atlantic: Giant waves, icebergs, sea monsters, you name it) would dock in San Francisco. However, I had thrown away the newspaper without taking note of the time this was supposed to happen, so I just packed some things, including Tiassa's camera (as you might remember, I had some trouble with it three weeks ago, but the film, I discovered, had rewound alright, if missing a few pictures), a reserve film, and something to read, and got myself on the next BART train into the city.
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