March 11th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Here's the news

Not today's news, but a bunch of small things, mostly picked up from the local newspaper which I get delivered to my door daily and read for, eh, cultural immersion, the "Mutts" cartoon and the "Dear Abby" letters. Some of the stories I pick up I would rant about over tea or on the phone if I were home, as I'm not, I'll rant here.

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In other, non-newspaper news, my nose has finally connected to my brain and let me know that the red-blooming red-berried trees I occasionally park the car under are eucalyptus trees. Which explains the absence of birds.

About me: I hope I have hay fever. I fear I am getting a cold. Today I wanted to go hiking, but daylight saving time and general tiredness made it impossible: When my alarm rang, I felt like a zombie in lead armour. So I slept on until 1 pm and had nightmares. Most of them turned out to be not true in waking, which was fine, but I'd like to complain about the cat abuse. Nightmares I can deal with, but I draw a line at mistreating cats.