March 18th, 2007

eliphas, napping

A weekend on the North Coast, part 2

Bad dreams again, just before waking. Not really bad, I'm still unsure that it even makes the cut into the bad-dream category, or stays in the vaguely-unpleasant one, but I awoke disturbed and was greatly relieved when I had sorted out realities. It was about an invasion of tiny, blood-sucking insects, which, if you didn't crush them in time, would suck your blood faster than you could crush them. My bad dreams do not share a common theme, storyline, or set of images. They just share the badness. I'm also having quite a lot of them in the last months. Maybe my subconscious tells me that I should write more stories before those creative juices ferment into something unhealthy.

Breakfast was at nine. I awoke at eight, had a shower, read a little, looked out of the window, then went down into the breakfast room and posed a difficult problem for the staff by asking for tea. After five minutes of shuffling around in the kitchen, they found a tea bag. With the tea I had buttered scones with raisins and cinnamon, some mixed fruit juice I couldn't identify, and apple slices. As it was too early for breakfast anyway, that was more than enough.

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All in all, a very nice trip, and I'm very happy that I managed to have a whole weekend for it. I regret those rainy "stay in my room and read" weekends and those "too tired to raise my head before 2pm" Saturdays just as much as I knew I would when I had them, but with a toothache to drain my energy and books to forget about the toothache, I don't think that I could have done better.

Two weeks left.