April 5th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Still jet lagged

Packing, on Friday night, was one of those experiences I could have gone without. Let's just say, I managed in the end, by sitting on the suitcases, using every trick in the book and leaving behind what was either cheap and easy replaceable, or nearly used up.

On the way to the airport I took the wrong exit again, because I was so worried about taking the wrong exit. Excess baggage cost me fifty dollars, and the seat next to me on the plane was empty, so I could get a few half-hour of half-sleep on the plane, tied in a knot in a way that would be painful for someone half my age, but the alternative would have been no sleep at all.

Frankfurt airport was the usual nightmare, but I got my connecting flight. On the airport at home, cyrna and her husband had taken a break from helping Ceridwen move to pick me up. They had brought Döner, so I would get quickly re-acquainted with German food.

At home, I enthusiastically greeted my cats, who tried to remember who that strange human was, took a shower and fell into bed. Some time later, Ceridwen, Snow and Gwydion woke me up because they wanted to go for dinner. Afterwards, I fell into bed again.

That set the pattern for the week. I awake in the unholy hours of morning, bicycle to work before the sun is up, put in ten hours, go home and fall asleep. Some evening (Monday?) Snow and Ceridwen came to pick up Ceridwen's things. Some day I bought milk. Wednesday (yesterday) evening I went for Sushi with R___, came home at eleven dead tired (I had been up since four), and my cats decided to run amok, so I couldn't sleep until 1am. This morning they were still crazy, and I woke at 5.

At least the coming weekend is Easter, and Tiassa will be visiting. I hope the cats go back to normal. The weather is great, and I'm always cold.