April 14th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Advanced trolling

Or how do you call it when someone sends an inflammatory posts about a hot-button-issue, complete with name-calling to a forum and is not available for the following discussion or flame war, and in fact never intended to be available? So Mr. Howard V. Hendrix, current vice president of the SWFA (Science Fiction Writers of America), had a post sent to swfa [*] calling writers who make their writing available on the internet[**] for free "strikebreakers". I wasn't aware that there was a strike going on. I sure didn't notice, when I was dragging fifteen kilos of books home two weeks ago. Anyway, he's taking his toys and going home.

nihilistic_kid, true to his reputation, is not amused and goes into very entertaining rant mode.

[*] Note the passive form. That's why I'm calling it advanced, as opposed to basic, trolling.
[**] No complaining about libraries, at least.

ETA: John Scalzi patienty explains why Howard is wrong. papersky proclaims April 23 "International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day". As an unprofessional writer I think I'll celebrate but putting up some reviews of books I bought because I liked the author's internet writings. tnh celebrates by pseudonymously posting editorial notes on someone's online fiction. Internet is fun.

ETA II:: I love deadlines. I especially love the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.

In less entertaining news, Kurt Vonnegut is dead. :-(