May 7th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Productive weekend

The cats have a new scratching post (thanks to F___ and K___), my bookshelf has one additional board which is still empty (but I didn't manage to get rid of the two boxes of books I wanted to donate to some charity garage sale), I threw out 10 kilos of old paper and six old and beaten folders, rolled my eyes at some old tests from school that turned up somewhere in the heaps of old papers, squirmed at some story fragments of equal age from equal heaps, and got a paid LJ account so I have a place to upload my photos. (Coming soon!) I also got the toothache from hell, so first thing this morning I was off to the dentist.

And I still have nothing interesting to tell.

This night, half-sleeping I thought that I might go to San Francisco next weekend, and wondered why I hadn't in so many weeks, before I became a little more awake and remembered that I was not in California anymore.