May 25th, 2007

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Snark and kerfuffles

legionseagle's offering for Pixel Stained Technopeasant Day: MYTH-MAKING AND MONOPOLIES - Reflections on patent misconceptions over the years

sigune writes in hp_essays on Snape in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Some internet gold diggers believe that they have found a way to profit off other people's fanfic:
metafandom is keeping track of the kerfuffle, the community life_wo_fanlib shares snark and outrage, Fandom Wank isn't far behind. Making Light has two posts and lots of comments and fun links on it, and Henry Jenkins has an insightful essay. While lizbee ventures into slash territory and comes out covered with fame and virtual cookies.

In the wake of this, cesperanza says that Fanfic is not proven illegal, and it would be cleverer for fans not to say so.

legionseagle has an issue with the whole concept of illegality when it comes to fanfic.


In other news, nihilistic_kid answers questions about one of his books in his sister's college English class and loses any illusion he might have had about reading comprehension. In the comments, shalanna tells a similar story.


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