August 9th, 2007

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The train driver strike

Just read that a court has declared the train driver strike illegal (link in German) and ordered them to stop. Why? Because the damage the strike does to the national economy is "out of proportion".

Now, let me think. A long time ago, it was decided that keeping the trains running was so important to the national economy that train drivers (like police, or teachers, or postal workers) were government employees who had to swear an oath of office, could not be fired unless they broke it, weren't especially well paid, and were not allowed to go on strike.

A far shorter time ago it was decided that this system was anachronistic and things would be much sleeker and more efficient if train drivers or postal workers were just normal employees. Who can get fired, who will leave for greener pastures if their skills are worth more than the government pay, and who have the the friggin' constitutional right to go on strike when they feel it's worth it. If the government was worried about what no trains running or no phones working might do to the national economy, they might have, you know, taken precautions?

Yes, a train driver (or postal worker, or teacher, or police) strike is major bad news. It's an immense inconvenience. I have no idea what the demands of the train drivers are, much less if they are reasonable (and for what value of "reasonable"). Yes, the strike costs their employer and a lot of other people an awful lot of money. That is the f***ing idea..

Hello, Deutsche Bahn? You had every damned tool on hand to never get into a situation like that. You threw it away because it was uncool and might cost you money. And now you go to the courts for your right to have your cake and eat it, too? And have it granted? There are no words.

To add to my list of annoyances, ginmar got tired of troll-swatting and has limited comments to friends, and lexin has gone friends-locked over some LJ kerfuffle. As there is no reason in hell for any of them to friend me (and curse LJ's choice of words, but "subscribe" would make it even more obvious that I have nothing worth subscribing to), I'll just have to stop reading them. Gah.
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