October 4th, 2007

eliphas, napping


Big Cat is sick (barfed all over the place and then curled up at his favorite place, seeming quite content with himself), my DVD player is breaking down, my computer at home is running like the traffic around town on Friday afternoon, the office is suffering from network problems, my car's AC seems to have been gone into hibernation, the dirty dishes are piling up, and the washing won't dry because it's just too damn humid.

At least, no real chaos can be all bad, I got petrol for 1.30 this morning when everywhere else in town it was 1.37.

And there is still f***ing construction going on in front of my place, and now there's f***ing construction going on at work, too.

Excuse me while I'm having a nervous breakdown, throw office supplies at everyone who even looks at me funny, and then run screaming down the street.