October 14th, 2007

eliphas, napping

Cooking, baking, and other things

Today, I had Snow, Gwydion and Ceridwen over for tea and cake, and tried out a new recipe from my chocolate cookbook: Collapse )

Another recipe from a few days ago: Collapse )

Non-food stuff

In case you were wondering, yes, I feel a whole lot better. The too-warm and awfully damp weather that made me bad-tempered and clumsy two weeks ago (come on, 20°C, sunshine, and 80% humidity in October? What the heck?) was smashed a few days after my last posting by a good, seasonal cold front, which brought us cold nights (first foggy, now clear) and bright, cool days. I try to find the time to go up into the hills for some walks, but as work is still insane (as it has been for the last year), I'm not too optimistic. Big Cat is well again. The car still needs some work done before the winter.

I wanted to write about my vacation in late September, but I didn't find the time. Collapse )

One year and one week since I had gone to California. That was a really short year. And I still miss San Francisco, and the hills, and the bookstores. At least three of my books stayed lost. But I have music and cats now, and I'm making progress regarding chocolate cake.

And as I have been reading until dawn last night, I think I'll just go to bed early today.