January 28th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Still alive

The list of things I should write about grows more and more intimidating and has long reached the point where I'm too intimidated to even try to tackle it.

So I'll forgive myself all the non-written posts for now.

This weekend was the local gaming convention. I missed last year's, the twentieth, but I won't complain -- it was for a good reason.

I had prepared a "Deadlands - the Weird West" story to run, and ended up, as usual, with much too large a group. I still ran kind of OK. Sunday I was tired and had a headache and sore eyes, so I just grabbed some free coffee and went home again to catch up on housework.

I have a new computer, and a new cable, and my old dial-up internet connection is working again and seems much faster, now that the computer does not freeze every half-minute.