March 11th, 2008

eliphas, napping

A reason to get up late, and yesterday's cat news

Last week I have got up before 8 am pretty regulary, and spent the day moving like some zombie through porridge -- too tired to look straight, barely able to keep moving -- despite having slept 8 or 9 hours. My day-and-night rhythm seems to become continuously more stable, which is not a good thing.

Yesterday Ceridwen and I got Big Cat home from the clinic. He's responsive and as active as he has been in the last year, but not well -- thin and bedraggled, and leaking. Which is gnawing on my nerves. We cleaned out the living room yesterday, there's nothing left that isn't cleanable, or washable, or trash, or vertical. I wonder how I can use the living room so the cat has company when there's not a safe place there for the laptop, no place to put books or papers, and no comfy chair.

Big Cat's kidneys are in a bad state, so he has to live on a strict diet: no more yoghurt or liver sausage for him. Poor cat. I hope he'll get better soon, and stop leaking -- I had to lock him in the living room last night, and he was screaming the whole night through. I used earplugs. Little Cat likes the diet food a lot, it seems.

ETA: Also, (this might be funny, my co-workers surely thought so) Little Cat had barfed into my shoe in the night. I didn't notice until I was in the office and had changed into my office Birkenstocks, looked at my shoes (some time later) and thought several things not quite printable. I then went to clean out my shoe, and my office Birkenstock, and wash my sock, and then walked barefoot (in shoes, one wet) in the snow (well, kind of) over to the store to get a pair of dry socks. Argh, cats.
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