June 25th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Talking about books: The strange and SF-ish.

I can't seem to write anything at the moment, so I'll try my hand at writing reviews. This time, three strange little Science Fiction books of roughly the same age, same length, and very un-same strangeness.

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What's going on in my life:

The electric door opener was broken this weekend and went bzzzt! constantly, audibly, and in irregular intervals all night. And the weather was way too hot (still is). So it was either, no sleep because of a noise that sounds exactly like the alarm on my mobile, or no sleep because with closed windows the room didn't cool down. Monday morning I was tired and cranky and got woken by the electrician who some neighbour who must have been less tired and more cranky had called at 7 am.

Little Cat has adapted OK to being the only cat in the house.

After I have lent out all my Doctor Who and Torchwood DVDs, Snow has bought a full set of her own. Which is good. It's less good that my access to the latest Doctor Who episodes seems to have dried up just in time for the upcoming season finale. Grrrr.