July 1st, 2008

eliphas, napping

Fun and weirdness

Still not up to writing, so, links.

Stuffed particles: www.particlezoo.net.

The dangers of auto-replace, or: ARGH!

Godwin in history: Not working.

Armadillos, Nephelim, and the gay agenda. Out there, in a good way.

Furries, Christians and Role Players, oh my.

When you have a day or five to kill: TV Tropes Wiki

Bad movies sporked in length: www.agonybooth.com. (Click "recaps" to get to the sporkings.)

ETA: One more...

This reminds me of something David Lennier once said: "Cannabis is a gateway drug. It can lead to tobacco smoking." Seems the Dutch lawgivers share the sentiment.
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