July 29th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Reading news...

...well, the news that comes up in the sidebars of my webmail provider, which is always to be taken with a grain of salt, or the whole salt cellar.

It says that there are way fewer young people going to uni after school than expected. Expected, it seems, was that adding another layer or two of red tape and raising the cost of going to uni by about 1000 Euro per year would have no effect at all.

In another news article it says that modern bicycles have a worse seat position than older ones, because they have a shorter top tube and so the hands are nearer to the saddle. Which shows that whoever wrote this hasn't looked at a bunch of bicycles ever in their lives. Hint: You recognize an older bicycle by the handlebar being right on top of the head tube and not about a hand breadth in front of it, and by having handlebars curved towards the driver. If you do this to a modern frame, you'll have the handles poking your knees.

Same news said that Torchwood was an American series.

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