August 7th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Still busy. Also, recs.

First things first, the new trailer for Spare Time Images' Highlander fan film is online now here.

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I've also been reading fanfic and found something to rec:

Title: This Is How The Universe Ends
Fandom: Discworld/Torchwood
Author: googlebrat (Laura Walker) and perryvic
Length: 3900 words
What it's about? Death comes for the universe, but he can't do so while someone's still alive, and he cannot take Jack...
Why read it? It's brilliant and funny and sweet and strange and downright philosophical.
Why not read it? Not very good as a Pratchett pastiche.

Title: Sunshine on Skin
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: snowwhiteliar
Length: 2300 words
What it's about? It's a coda to "Gridlock", using the "Face of Boe" line from the end of "Last of the Time Lords".
Why read it? It gives a reasonable explanation to the whole idea, plus it is full of hope and wonder, and like going out into the first sunny day of early spring.
Why not read it? You hated that line even more than I did and refuse to contemplate it further.

Title: Today's Not Over Yet
Fandom: Doctor Who
Author: misscam (Camilla Sandman)
Length: 1000 words
What it's about? The Doctor, on the eve of the last battle of the Time War.
Why read it? It's a very in character answer to "What would you do if you knew the world would end tomorrow", associative and jumpy like time travel, and full of joy and appreciation for the world.
Why not read it? You like your stories with a little more plot.

eliphas, napping

Thursday already...

It was too damn hot today. I took the motorbike to get around, and despite riding in what no sane person would consider appropriate clothing, the wind didn't do anything to cool me down. When I returned home around half past four, the sky looked ready for a thunderstorm, but so far none has materialised.

There are three tiny peppers on the chilli plant on my balcony. I wonder how I am going to decide when they are ripe. Fruit are the best thing about summer, or maybe one of the two good things (long daylight hours being the other). I___ is drowning in tomatoes and egg plants, so she brought me some. I have peaches (even got around to eating them this time, and they were just perfect), and plums, and cherries and grapes. Mmh.

Still haven't found out how to buy a hole in the wall. More phoning around tomorrow.

DSL flatrate plus phone flatrate costs 30 to 35 Euro a month. Seems that I might have to move my home page and pay extra for web space. One provider is throwing in a lot of cable TV channels, but no BBC or SciFi, unfortunately.

I looked at TVs because I feel that mine will not be with us for much longer. It was all 16:9 flat screen, but the people on the screen weren't fat. So it's possible to have 16:9 without distortions, it's only that no one I know has it.

Went to IKEA because no shopping for furniture is complete without going to IKEA. They have sofas in very useful sizes, and with cotton or linen surfaces that are pleasant to touch, but none that I liked actually sitting on (or in -- most were soft enough to swallow a person whole).

Tax return paperwork is handed in, but lacking the caretaker's and gardener's bills. I'm wondering if I even got those yet.

Love my new motorcycle helmet. It's lighter than the old one, and has better soundproofing, and because it's tighter the wind is pulling at me less.

Will be switching the kitchen lights to low energy bulbs. There's a total of 200 Watts of lighting in the kitchen, and it's not a place where I'm picky about light colour, so it's a good place to find out if low energy bulbs and I might get along just a little better today than we did in the past.