September 29th, 2008

eliphas, napping


My pretty chili plant has lots of little chilis that are turning red one by one now. This evening I cut the first of them up, tasted it carefully and put it into a casserole with beef and the usual summer vegetables (eggplants, bell peppers, zuccinis). It was just the right amount of hot and tasty. (I'm not used to much anymore.)

Only now my fingers have capiscin clinging to them. The cat avoids my hands, and I need to be very careful not to rub my eyes or my nose.

Anyone know how to get the stuff off?
eliphas, napping

Can I just check my sense of smell at the door?

Not enough that the office I work in has an unfortunate tendency to smell like an open sewer due to some plumbing problem, now someone has sprayed some kind of perfume all over their desk which smells like a rat died in a bucket of teenager's fruit-flavoured lip gloss.

Want to go home.