October 1st, 2008

eliphas, napping

Not a good year for the cats

Little cat had a tumor removed ten months ago.

Now the tumor is back.

I could have him cut open again, and hope that this time they get everything out. (Still, one cell, 1/e chance... Can't get the cat RT or chemo (and do not want to). Could get him Interferon, but not entirely convinced that it's not expensive quackery.)

Or I could not and just hope that it will stop growing that fast and he can live with it a few more years.

Little cat is 12 and needs his meds or he'll get seizures, but is also very soft and cuddly.

No idea what I should do.
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eliphas, napping

To cheer me up, or to share the misery...

... links on the banking crisis. Beware the snark.

folk on why the banking bailout got fried, going back 80 years and using really "talking names" for everyone involved.

bellatrys with an allegory on "Give us lots of money NOW"-scams, and falling-in roofs.

RDF on EuroTrib explains the fine differences between investing and gambling, using horse racing as an analogy. pecunium expands upon this here.

ETA: Moar linkage: The Kibble Bubble, or, Explaining the banking crisis to a dog. (Short conclusion: The cat did it.)

Son of ETA: One guy who has made a fortune on betting things would go to hell is taking his loot and goes home. And (kind of) suggests that we all should get stoned.