October 10th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Everyone seems to be doing it...

There is a "post poetry to your journal" meme going round on friends of friends pages, so:

"A while ago someone asked me
if I was less angry about things now that I was old,
if I had mellowed with age.
"Now, I realise patience is a virtue, but I don't have it
So, I said that in my case at any rate
time just serves to concentrate anger and outrage
until it's thick and strong like boiled-down blood
and reeks like a dry iron pot heating on the stove.
Because you can try to stand still
and hope to be passed over in many ways,
and in many ways you will succeed;
but time proceeds against your will
and makes all the world's bare bones of cruelty rattle in your face.
So you can either stick your fingers
in your ears and chatter as loud as you can to try and
cover up that stony clatter; or understand that fury,
in its infinite variety, does not wither or grow stale
and time is the bolting horse we none of us can dismount."
-- from "Age" by Joolz

Und, aus gegebenem Anlaß:

"Nicht wahr, eine Bank zu gründen
Muß doch jeder richtig finden
Kann man schon sein Geld nicht erben
Muß man's irgendwie erwerben.
Dazu sind doch Aktien besser
Als Revolver oder Messer
Nur das eine ist fatal
Man braucht Anfangskapital.
Wenn die Gelder aber fehlen
Woher nehmen, wenn nicht stehlen?
Ach, wir wolln uns da nicht zanken
Woher haben's die andern Banken
Irgendwoher ist's gekommen
Irgendwem haben sie's genommen."
-- "Gründungssong der National Deposit Bank", von Bert Brecht
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