October 21st, 2008

eliphas, napping

Reading the news (and being pissed off)

A sixteen-year old attacks two ticket controllers with a knife. One of them has to go to the hospital for stitches. That's attempted murder.
A man stabs his sleeping wife, missing the heart my millimetres, and then stops her from going for help. That's GBH.

It is not legal in Germany for a shop to offer, say "Milk 20 cent per litre", but only have 20 litres of milk around for that price and one those are gone, customers have to pay 1 Euro.
Except when you are the Deutsche Bahn. Then it's legal, but it is still frigging bad PR, AFAIAC. Now, if they said, ticket to Berlin, 81 Euro, but we give earlybird discounts on certain trains up to 65% -- all shiny. But what they actually say is, "ticket to Berlin 29 Euro, but if you are some loser who can't afford to plan one month ahead we'll triple the price."

Some reactionary rag which my mother is unfortuantely reading tells her that as a pensioner who owns her home she has more in common with those poor investment bankers than with me or anyone I know, and she actually buys that crap.

Newspapers should come with a health hazard warning.

ETA: To cheer me up: if book titles told the truth. (via friends of friends, somewhere.)
Moar ETA: The US presidential campaign as a D&D game. (via Making Light).