December 10th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Today, and singing

I did go to bed early last night, only to wake up around 1 am with my body telling me, "OK, so much for the afternoon nap. Now, how about dinner, and what are we going to do the evening?" I drank a cup of tea, returned to bed after 15 minutes, and did not wake up when my alarm, optimistically set for 8 am, rang. So much for "going to bed earlier, so you can get up earlier", which my mother keeps insisting will work. Not that it ever worked for her, she spend forty years in the half-zombie state of sleep deprivation that other people get after flying six time-zones against the sun. I'm luckier than her, I can show up for work at eleven.

This evening our choir was singing at the 40 year's celebration of the local amnesty international group. It's the kind of gigs we usually get, as a women's choir with a modern/progressive/world music repertoire. Downside of these gigs is that we have to sit through two hours of speeches. Looking at that aspect, it was a very good evening, because most of the speakers were reasonably competent (except for the unlucky third mayor, who always has to do the speeches on social and cultural events and is not very good at it), and had interesting things to tell about the work of the local group. Our singing was less good than it could have been -- the acoustics in the room were very bad, and the stage was narrow, so second alto and first soprano could neither see nor hear each other and had trouble getting in sync. Still, we had a very beautiful and appropriate selection of songs, and got good applause, and some praise when the official part was over and everyone went for champagne and sandwiches, and small-ish talk.

The most satisfying thing about the evening was learning what the strange Asian-sounding words on top of two buildings around the Kornmarkt in Nuremberg mean. I had wondered for five years.