December 21st, 2008

eliphas, napping

Last week before the holidays

One of those weeks, though not as bad as it could have been. (Details snipped to protect the guilty.)

Wednesday my choir was singing in the shopping mall, an event which I had dreaded, but the mall was not crowded, only moderately stuffy, the acustics were meh, but not horrible, and the whole atmosphrere was a lot more relaxed than I'd expected it to be one week before Christmas eve.

Friday I got my car back from the garage. The "polishing cloth and a bucket of paint" damage from the accident is estimated at around 3K Euros.

Saturday I did some christmas shopping. I got myself a handbag to replace the one I got in '92, which was better suited for school stuff than for keys and cell phone. I also bought lebkuchen for everyone who might want some. What I really want to get myself for christmas is a car radio that can play mp3s, and a box of books, but the first I'd rather get when the rush is over, and the second only when I have arranged to get it from the package locker, because the old woman downstairs looks as if she'll bang me over the head with her walking stick if the postman gives her one more package for me.

I hope very much that I do not have to do any work during the vacation...