December 29th, 2008

eliphas, napping

Back home, Odds and ends

Back home from visiting my mother. It's a good thing one cannot literally die of boredom, or that would have been a life-threatening visit. I also had a cold. Managed not to get into a fight with my mother's boyfriend. Yeah me.

Read in some gossipy magazine that from next year on you can marry in church in Germany without also marrying legally. Which has, according to the magazine, exactly zilch legal consequences. WTF?

Didn't go visit flederkatz because of the cold. flederkatz is planning to translate and make a comic of "Malenka" next year and has posted a teaser.

At least I managed to write half a chapter while I was home: Perry-Rhodan fanfic, year is 1984,and Solveig (OFC) is finally getting to Mars, if not the way she planned... (If anyone's interested, I can post it, it's in German.)