January 30th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Feeling better.

The doctor told me to stay home and not do anything strenous at least until Sunday. "Strenous", currently, is opening a box of frozen pizza. She also prescribed badass antibiotics.

I'm not in as much pain and can breathe kind of OK, though I have a stones-falling-in-a-quarry cough. Snow did some grocery shopping for me so that I have something other than frozen pizza to eat.

I'll take my thrid daily dose of antibiotics now and then go to bed. Sitting at the desk and reading/typing for ten hours was tiring.
eliphas, napping


London by night. Pretty, pretty pictures.

Charles Stross: Preventing the New Dark Ages, or, Don't let your software steal your work: [I]f I created a work I damn well own it, and I'll go back to using a manual typewriter if necessary, rather than let a large corporation pry it from my possession and charge me rent for access to it.

And I just found that rummaging through my bookmarks -- did I link it before? No idea. The annotated "American Pie"
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