February 7th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Fannish Migration Meme

Gacked from alara_r.

I should be preparing a story for upload and find a title for it, so of course I'm doing memes instead.

Have you ever followed friends/favorite authors into a fandom without ever having seen/read the source material?

All the time. My usual way of getting into a fandom is, "Hey, cool people are writing this, let's find out what it's about. Looks interesting. Then, a) old version: Wonder if it's on TV any time soon? Sends a mental message to obliging TV fairy. Watches source material. (Happened with Sentinel, Buffy and Professionals). b) new version: Wonder how much the DVDs are? Gets DVDs. Watches source material (Happened with Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life on Mars. Jury's still out on Supernatural.)

Have you ever really enjoyed the source material, read the work of specific authors into a fandom, and yet have no interest in the fandom as a whole?

Most non-TV fandom. Harry Potter and LotR are something of an exception, because I enjoy the meta.

Have you ever been strenuously pimped by your friends into another fandom and immediately fell in love with the source material?

...No? I react very badly to "you have to see it, it's just so great!". I nearly missed Babylon 5 because of that. The best way to get me into a fandom if you are not some great fanfic writer who I never met is invite me over for a nice evening of watching TV or DVDs. That got me into B5, House, and X-Files.

Have you ever gotten into a TV show/movie before your friends and busily pimped the source material to them in the hopes that a fandom would ensue?

Yes, and I'm reasonably effective at it. Though my friends are more just fans that actually "in a fandom".

Have you ever gotten into a TV show/movie and tried to pimp it to your friends only to find out that they'd just gotten into it as well and were about to pimp right back?

Not impossible, but cannot remember at the moment.

Have you ever been part of a mass migration into another fandom?

No. I form strong attachments. I get into new fandoms strongly, but abandon the old ones only very gradually, if at all.