March 11th, 2009

eliphas, napping

Cool things

When looking for a parking space this morning, I had to explore a few streets where I had not been before, and discovered two puddles larger than some village ponds, that reflected the sky, and a park with young trees and a stone face. The park was only a hundred metres in one direction, but seemed to reach to the horizon in the other. When I came back from work, the computer sciences building was visible on the far end of the park, and the giant puddles reflected the stars.

Later in the evening I went to choir practise, and one woman had brought a bunch of bats in a box. (The trees where the bats were sleeping in are about to be cut down, and the bats will spend the last cold day in boxes.) The smallest, a Pipistrelle, was only 4 cm long and had fur so soft that I could hardly feel it under my finger, and tiny back paws. It could hang from a fingernail. (BTW, flederkatz, their knees actually do bend backwards. So I was wrong about that.) The largest was a Common Noctule which was in a bad mood, probably because it was underweight and hungry.

Note to cyrna, the German translation or Torchwood is OK. I think Gwen's voice is too girlish, Owen's is slightly off and Jack's just isn't the same, but there weren't any real OMGWTF moments. I did not notice any cut scenes, but if I feel obsessive this weekend I'll check the tape versus the transcript.