March 12th, 2009

eliphas, napping


Highway robbery in Texas.

London, as seen in US comics.

Financial crisis in Iceland, or, It might take six years to learn how to fish, but everyone with a suit can be an investment banker.

In the above article, Neil Gaiman discovers the perfect job (except writer). It it neither fisher nor banker...

Speaking of Neil Gaiman, his first illustration.

Which would neatly lead to Watchmen, but I haven't seen it yet and there's so much debate going on that I would not know where to start. Just from reading the reviews, it seems that the movie is suffering from a failure of craft, as in, it fails to make its themes clear to an audience without meta-knowledge. rm enjoyed it. Most progressives without meta knowledge seem to hate it and say strange things about Alan Moore, whose dislike of Hollywood and/or film as a medium seems justified, as he always gets the short stick from it.
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