March 16th, 2009

eliphas, napping


Friday, I met with R___ and she said no matter how many idiots you meet in IT, they cannot compare in number or idiocy with those you meet being a mother in an upper middle class exurb. From ther tales, she might be right. The kindergarten has gotten a bad case of American-style religion and banned all books that contain the word (or image, one guesses) "witch" or "dragon" from its library, because "witches and dragons are evil". R___ asked me to spread the word, so that people who live in the area know what a bunch of nutcases run the Lutheran kindergarten. Considering that when and where I grew up, the Lutherans were the most progressive and reasonable of the whole religious bunch, I'm pretty disappointed. So is R___'s mother, who is religious but has no patience for this kind of nonsense.

ETA: I talked to someone who is active in church in town, and she told me that the church in that exurb has a reputation for being off their rocker./ETA

We were also discussing the problem of kids not being allowed out of the house, and I'm not going into the details here because she did not ask me to spread the word on this. Let's say that selling fear to people who have too much time, too few problems and no idea about propabilities is still a booming business.

We had Sushi and I was home around midnight.

On Saturday, I worked too long, went grocery-shopping (and forgot too much), and then went to the gym with my stomach grumbling angrily at me, because is was five in the afternoon and I had not had breakfast yet. The workout was a complete fail. Maybe I can blame it on the lack of breakfast.

Gwydion and I have finally managed to find a suitable Sunday (next week's) for our shared birthday party. We have had a month's time to get used to our updated ages, but that's no reason to skip the party, we decided. As usual, the party will take place in my flat, so today we met to get the place into shape. Three months of being sick had filled the place with towering heaps of chaos that needed to be broken down. Which we did with some success. We threw out a large box full of paper, and a small box full of old CDs and tapes, shoved a large box of old video tapes out of sight, and even manged to remove the battery from my motorbike for charging. Unfortunately, we had not idea where we put the charger...

So, next Sunday = party time.

Other than that I spent too much time on the internet and not enough time writing fic.