March 29th, 2009

eliphas, napping


Great band practise today -- good day for the voices, I was really at home in the semi-high range, Ceridwen did two-octave jumps in the harmonies gracefully, we all remembered our parts and most of the lyrics, and Gwydion's drumming is really getting into shape. I, as usual, needed heaps of validation, because with singing I never know if I'm any good or merely delusional. Fortunately, both Ceridwen and Gwydion know me long enough to not mind (I hope).

For the first time I managed to somewhat recover my lower range after losing it on the usual songs. (I have no stamina at all in the alto range, two songs and it's gone together with my speaking voice.) And I got up to a decent high Bb during warm-up. I wish I could do that in choir singing.

Too bad that we rarely have time to practise on Saturdays. I feel that a lot of what went well was due to the fact that it was weekend, and we weren't stressed out. (Although Ceridwen and I had spent the afternoon shopping, which was hard work IMO.)